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Little Knight Arthur is getting a tape release by K&A plus!

Päivitetty: 7. tammik. 2021

I received some good news from Commodore computers user's magazine from Poland, K&A plus.

The double game tape including not only one but two Commodore 64 games: Fire Breath by Erik Hooijmeijer and my very own Little Knight Arthur is coming in December:

Here's the good tidings also via Indie Retro News:

It is heartwarming to see Little Knight Arthur getting a tape distribution after more than three decades! Take a look and consider ordering your own copy of the tape release while supplies last. This is a rare opportunity to get two original and revived Commodore 64 games from 26 and 32 years ago, to my knowledge never before available on physical media.

-- Pasi

PS. I also got hinted by K&A plus that a Deluxe Box edition of the tape with some extras that you sure will find tasty is being worked on! Following K&A Plus for more info.

PS2. The 2nd part of my two part series on putting Little Knight Arthur on a pocket size game console I built is still waiting the free day or two to prepare the videos... I have to say I have been tremendously busy professionally for the last six months developing a new version of one of the most popular news apps in Finland for iOS. I know, that is not a proper excuse but... Now looking forward to Christmas holidays to get the second part finished and out.


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