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A bit more about me

I'm an application software developer living in Finland, a country known for design, technology, hockey, great music, moody but honest people, snow and ice and dark winter nights, lakes and white and magical summer nights, and sisu -- the Finnish survival spirit. 


I work in mobile app development, these days especially on iOS platform. I've had had the privilege and challenge to develop one of the top free news app in Finland. Working days I use Swift, but I've written code over half a dozen other languages over the years.


I have a special place in my heart and soul for game development and design, and I started this blog in 2015 to share some of my experiences and work on games that otherwise would just have stayed in the pile of almost forgotten 5.25 inch floppies and data tapes in a storage box... 


I'll probably cover some other topics as well, when I feel the need to write about  something itching in my brain cells. We'll see.

These pages are updated 'sometimes', which means I update the pages when I have time to spare and something potentially useful or fun to share. Next update is typically unscheduled. 

Regardless, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy your time here. 


-- Pasi

"In data transmission and telecommunication, bit stuffing (also known—uncommonly—as positive justification) is the insertion of non information bits into data. Stuffed bits should not be confused with overhead bits." -

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