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”Phat Pocket Arcade” Modular Game Console - let the sketching begin

Päivitetty: 7. tammik. 2021

I’ve received the first component shipments for prototyping of a new, modular, and fit-for-pocket handheld console. Two 2,2” TFT screens, analog thumbsticks, and breakout boards for connecting the display have already arrived. Also I cleared customs for package from Adafruit, which should contain a couple of Raspberry Pi Zero W boards, a pair of mini speakers, and the all important Arcade Bonnet control board, so soon I should have all the largest components on my desk.

I am eager to start designing the case in 3D but need to choose suitable CAD/CAM software first, and learn to use it as well. Pencil and paper sketching is a good way to toss some initial design ideas around and see what might work. So here are some rough first drafts of the case:

Front and side projections to roughly show how different components could be laid out. Some initial ideas that I came up with that I’d like to keep going forward are:

  • Top plate slot for game specific mini-marquee, with backlight using a led or two, plus room for the tiny speaker or two

  • ”Squashed fat arcade cabinet” look

  • Slot for interchangeable control units, that could also be game specific, since different games use different controls and different number of buttons

That’s it for now. I’m thinking of updating the progress with smaller posts, but hopefully more frequently than last year for Arthur Re^3.


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