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Self-imposed Deadlines Are The Deadliest - Arttu Re^3 @ #XmasJKL 2016?...

Päivitetty: 7. tammik. 2021


Just reserved demo ticket to #XmasJKL, a game scene event by @ExpaJKL, the local IGDA hub in Jyväskylä. The event will take place on Nov 18.

My so called 'plan' is to use this deadline to motivate myself completing Arttu Re^3 bartop cabinet so I could show the construction at the event...

Either that, or I'll just enjoy following the rest of the show meeting the nice people, and drinking the 3 beers included in the Early Bird demo tickets. Oh yeah, if you are reading this on October 1st, why don't you check if Early Bird tickets are still available?

Bartop Arcade Action @ #XmasJKL2016 or Bust!

Ja sama suomeksi - the same in Finnish:


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